Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Love Affair With a Floor

Yeah, you heard that right.  I am IN LOVE with a floor.  I am just adoring it and patting myself on the back until the hubby comes home and points out all the mistakes I made.  I don't give a rat's ass right now!  I did it all by myself.

With a very bossy 5 year old supervising.

That part sucked.  The bitty one was home from school today.  I was stupid enough to think she would entertain herself and leave me alone.  Nope...

"Mom, do you need help?"


"Suuure?  What are these blue pluses?"


"What are spacers?"

"They keep the tiles apart"

"Can I have some?"


"Do you know your butt is showing?"

Yes, that is how it went hour after grueling hour.  For the love of god, that child can talk!

But it is done.  Except for grouting.  That is waiting for the little urchins to go to bed.  I am so in love with it!  I would sleep on it nekkid if I didn't think it would push my kids into therapy finding me sprawled out, nekkid, on it.  I mean I am sure they will at some point in time need therapy after living with me all these years.

I also finished the wall, patched it, patched the wallpaper, painted and hung the heavy mirror that needs to go up about an 1".

Yeah, 1 freaking inch!  Seriously?!  I may splurge and go up two though just cause I can!  It looks pretty if you squint and block out all the crap on the counter.  I need to paint the mirror still but I am not sure if I want to just paint it the Ultra White like the moldings or distress it.  As you probably know, I don't rush these things.  Only took me 7 years of hating the floor to replace it!  Hopefully I will make a decision soon though.

It has even been "christened".  One of the super poopers that lives here plugged up the toilet and shoshed water on the floor trying to plunge it.  WTH?  Really?!

As for now though, I have a hot date with a tub of grout and a tile float!

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